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CD: Loving You

CD: Loving You

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Loving You (CD) Volume 1
The Songs of Miriam Therese Winter
Sung by Various Artists:
Janis Ian, Melba Moore, The Limeliters, Medical Mission Sisters, John McDermott, Mack Bailey, Rob Rowe – and others, the first of a five-volume set of her songs being produced by The Sacred Folk Song.

Project under the direction of Dan Paulos and the Saint Bernadette Institute of Sacred Art in Albuquerque, NM.


1) Joy is Like the Rain (Medical Mission Sisters)
2) The Visit (Patti Cohenour)
3) Come, Lord Jesus (John McDermott)
4) Holy, Holy, Holy (Melba Moore)
5) Christmas Ballad (Mack Bailey)
6) Song of Glory (Jahstix Dadson)
7) Child of Morning (Kate-Haggerty Varley)
8) We Are the Word (Seraphim)
9) Love Each Other (Stephen Hill)
10) Hodie Today (Medical Mission Sisters)
11) Speak to Me, Wind (Charlie Zahm)
12) How I Have Longed (Cynthia Clawson)
13) Take the Time (Robert Edwin)
14) Spirit of God, Feed Me, Fill Me (Evelyn Harris)
15) Long Road to Freedom (Bob Rowe)
16) Gather Here (Anne Karto)
17) Song for the Sun (Elisabeth Von Trapp)
18) I Am the One (Janis Ian)
19) Healing Waters (Medical Mission Sisters)
20) Loving You (Mack Bailey)
21) Web of Life (Medical Mission Sisters & The Limeliters)

More than fifty-five years ago, a seventeen-year-old girl entered a religious community called Medical Mission Sisters, hoping to become a doctor and serve in a faraway land. That was not to be, because the Spirit of God had other plans. Her ministries took various forms, but it was her gift of song that would heal more people around the world than she could ever have imagined.

Many of the several hundred songs composed by Sister Miriam Therese Winter were professionally recorded by an ensemble of Medical Mission Sisters. In 1967 those Sisters were invited to appear at Carnegie Hall in a concert featuring the premier performance of their new folk Mass. Their music was a response to the Vatican Council’s restoration of the people’s song and became an agent of change within and beyond the church. Spirit inspired songs that Sister Miriam Therese continues to sing are rooted in what she calls the liturgy of life and are thereby inherently sacred. Communities of faith from diverse traditions worldwide would say amen.

In anticipation of celebrating Sister Miriam Therese’s 75th birthday, we felt called to ask professional musicians to re-record many of her sacred folk songs. The selfless responses of numerous musical celebrities giving freely of their time and talent has been overwhelming. This was the sign The Institute was looking for. This was not just another project. This was the work of God.

The artists are sharing their gifts because they believe in acknowledging and helping those who are in need.

ALL proceeds from the sale of the recordings will go to support the global healing ministries of the Medical Mission Sisters, who serve people of all cultures, all religious traditions, especially the poorest of the poor in seventeen countries on six continents.

We hope that you will also feel called to support this inspired project. The glory will not go to you, to us, or even to the Sisters, but entirely to God who, through your generosity, is making it happen.
Blessings with gratitude,

Dan Paulos Director


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