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CD: Songs For Bernadette

CD: Songs For Bernadette

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This CD is the musical soundtrack from the documentaries "Bernadette" & "America's Shrine to St. Bernadette." It contains the compelling song, "Hymn to St. Bernadette" composed by Dan Paulos for "America's Shrine to St. Bernadette." Along with various lovely and serene instrumental selections, there are several traditional Catholic hymns, recorded live, selected by the group as bonus tracks. Also included are two touching prayers to the humble, little saint of Lourdes.

1. Hymn to St. Bernadette
(Dan Paulos / Arr. Mazzei Family)
2. St. Bernadette Prayer
(narrator, Kip Allen)
3. Hymn to St. Bernadette
(instrumental guitar/vocals)
4. Laudate Mariam
5. Hail Virgin of Virgins
(instrumental harp/strings, Virginia Ambrose, keyboards)
6. Joyful, Joyful
7. Immaculate Mary
8. Immaculate Mary
(guitar solo, Thomas Kikta)
9. O Bread of Heaven
(live version, Virginia Ambrose, keyboards)
10. Laudate Mariam
(guitar/vocals, Thomas Kikta)
11. Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht
12. Hymn to St. Bernadette
(instrumental harp/strings/vocals)
13. Holy God
(live version, Virginia Ambrose, organ)
14. Hail Virgin of Virgins
(guitar solo, Thomas Kikta)
15. Hallelujah Chorus
16. Laudate Mariam
(instrumental with guitar solo, Thomas Kikta)
17. Hymn to St. Bernadette
(instrumental with vocals)
18. St. Bernadette Prayer
(narrator, Dan Paulos)
19. Hymn to St. Bernadette
(reprise — a cappella Aves)
20. Immaculate Mary
(reprise — a cappella Aves)
21. Messages of Our Lady of Lourdes
(narrator, Ana Chavira)


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