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Original Artwork – Wood Carving – Martyrs Triptych

Original Artwork – Wood Carving – Martyrs Triptych

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TITLE: “Martyrs Triptych”

ARTIST: Br. Robert Lentz, OFM

SIZE: 14 ¾” H, 7 ¼” W, 14 ¾” W when open.

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Original Artwork (not a reproduction). A family heirloom.

To be cherished by any church, any religious organization, and as a family heirloom. Its value, both literally and spiritually, is truly priceless and will continue to increase in value… forever.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity!

• “The Martyrs of the Great Pueblo Uprising, 10 August 1680” carved on outside front door/panels.
• Names of the 21 Franciscan Martyrs carved on inside of each door/panel.
• Image of St. Francis holding a cross and “Nuevo Mexico, 1680” carved on inside of middle panel.
• Four metal hinges, two on each side of door/panels.
• Metal hanging hook on back.
• Carved signature “Fr. Hanz Lentz, 1967” on back.
• Size: 14 ¾” H, 7 ¼” W, 14 ¾” W when open.

This carving is a triptych made from cherry wood. It is a table or wall shrine to honor the 21 Franciscans killed in New Mexico and Arizona during the Pueblo uprising in 1680. I carved it at Holy Family Friary, in Oldenburg, Indiana, in 1967, when I was a novice-friar in the Cincinnati Province. My religious name was Hans when I first entered the Order. I went back to my baptismal name when we received permission to do so after Vatican II, mostly because the Indians in the NM missions couldn’t pronounce Hans.
—Br. Robert Lentz, OFM


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