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Original Icon - St. Francis of Assisi

Original Icon - St. Francis of Assisi

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TITLE: “St. Francis of Assisi”

ARTIST: Lewis Williams, OFS

SIZE: 9" x 12"

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Original Icon on wood (not a reproduction). Acrylic paint on board with metal leaf. A family heirloom.

This is an original icon by Lewis Williams, OFS to be cherished by any church, any religious organization, and as a family heirloom. Its value, both literally and spiritually, is truly priceless and will continue to increase in value… forever.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Artist Narrative on back:
(Icon based on the Cimabue painting in the lower church of St. Francis, Assisi, Italy)

Cimabue’s likeness in this painting is said to be the closest to Francis’ actual appearance. A 2004 trip to Umbria, in search of Francis, lead, of course, to his church and tomb. Awe-inspiring art and architecture humbled us, yet my experience in the presence of his earthly remains, was powerful beyond description. Assisting a group of pilgrims, my mother and teenage son were also a part of this tour. Exploring Francis’ church individually, we met as a group as we exited. My son was speaking excitedly to a group of elders, paused and exclaimed that he was baffled: he could not say in words what he just experienced. He looked as I felt and knew the same profound touch had graced us both at the tomb.

I dedicate this icon to my son in the spirit of Francis’ Canticle to Brother Son, his thanks to God for His presence in all creation, completed in his lowest earthly moment. Blind, pained and near death, unable to bear sun or firelight, his friends constructed a small mud hut for him to lie in at his retreat at San Damiano. Mice tormented him day and night, pushing him over his limit and to question his Lord, imploring him to send relief and patience. In spirit a voice asked Francis if in exchange for these sufferings, someone offered him so great a treasure that the whole world in comparison would be nothing, would he accept this? Francis responded ‘Yes!’ he would joyously accept the offer. The voice continued, “Then be glad, Francis, and sing in your sickness and weakness, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to you!”

His feast day is October 4.