• 12 Apr 19

Apr 12 - “Mother of God: Mother of the Streets” © icon by Br. Robert Lentz, OFM.

Each year, larger numbers of homeless people live in the streets of modern cities. These people may be jobless workers, battered women, the untreated mentally ill, or simply those too poor to get by. They tend to be "invisible" to the rest of society, but they are a real presence of Christ, the Suffering Servant, in history.

This icon depicts the Mother of God as the mother of those on the streets. Her garments, and those of her Son, are covered with jewels and gold decoration, making manifest the hidden worth and dignity of street people, who are living icons of God.

In 1984 the Catholic bishops of the U.S. declared, "To turn aside from those on the margins of society, the needy and the powerless, is to turn aside from Jesus. Such people show His face to the world." Such people are also a presence of Church, for where Christ is, there is His Church.