• 13 Apr 19

Apr 13 - “Mary, Seat of Wisdom” © artwork by Br. Mickey McGrath, OSFS.

Seat of Wisdom” means Temple or Throne of Wisdom. This name is most appropriate to Mary, for Wisdom is a Scriptural name of Our Lord. In the Books of Wisdom of the Old Testament all the beautiful things which are said of Wisdom apply to a Divine Person. Wisdom in these Books is not a mere abstract concept or figurative expression, but the Eternal Word, the Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity. When, therefore, we see an image of Mary with the Infant Jesus in her arms or seated on her knee, we have an answer to the question—why is Mary called the Seat of Wisdom? “Wisdom hath built herself a house,” says the Holy Ghost in Sacred Scripture. This house, this temple of Wisdom, was, and ever is, Mary.

When Jesus Christ, Who is the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, the Eternal Wisdom of the Father, took up His dwelling in Mary, He made her His Temple when He became Man. While He was a little Babe, seated on His Mother’s knee, she was in literal truth His throne and temple. We, too, each one of us, are temples of Wisdom, “temples of the Holy Ghost,” as St. Paul says. Wisdom is one of the Seven Gifts of the Holy Ghost.

Every time we receive Holy Communion, we become the throne or temple of Our Lord in a most real, physical way; each one of us is then really and truly a “Seat of Wisdom,” a throne or temple of Jesus.