• 21 Aug 19

Aug 21 - “Our Lady of Knock” © artwork by Brenda Nippert. Happy Feast Day Our Lady!

Life was very tough for the people of Knock Ireland in 1879.  The region had suffered greatly during a potato famine and recovery was not coming easily.  In spite of hard times, the faith of the Irish people was unwavering.  They were rewarded for their devotion when one rainy night in August, Mary appeared in front of the gable of the local church to give the people hope, consolation and strength.  In this unusual apparition, Our Lady appeared with Saint Joseph on her right and Saint John the Evangelist with an open book and wearing a bishop's miter.  To Saint John's left was an altar on which rested the Lamb of God, symbolizing Jesus.  Behind the altar was a cross and angels hovered above it.  All were wearing white and Mary seemed to be praying with her eyes raised to Heaven.  The apparition was silent and was witnessed by 15 people from five to seventy-five in age.  It rained all around, but not a drop fell on the apparition.  People all over Ireland were fortified by this great gift and many miracles have happened there.  Our Lady of Knock is the Queen of Ireland.