• 01 Dec 21

Dec 1 - “St. Eligius” © artwork by Brenda Nippert.  Happy Feast Day Eligius!

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Saint Eligius was born near Limoges, France around 590.  He became a talented metal smith and became master of the mint in Paris.  He became good friends with King Clotaire, and his reputation for his talent at his craft brought him great fortune.  He used his money to help the poor and built several churches, a monastery and a convent in Paris.  In 640, he was ordained a priest which was his lifelong dream.  He was kind and happy all the time, everyone liked to be around him and he attracted many to the faith.  He later became a bishop and his preaching became famous.  He made numerous converts before he died in 660.  He was honest, kind and faithful and now, his example still shows us to simply do a good job at whatever we do, while always being a good person.

His feast day is December 1.

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