• 01 Feb 20

Feb 1 - “St. Brigid” © artwork by Brenda Nippert. Happy Feast Day St. Brigid!

Saint Brigid of Ireland was a good friend of Saint Patrick, who said she was destined for great things.  As a child she was generous and kind to everyone she met.  She could not keep from giving away everything to help the poor and this often got her in trouble. 

When she grew up, she became a nun and founded a church along with two monasteries, one for men and one for women.  Later she founded a magnificent school of art, where the students learned metal work and illumination. The school produced the famous “Book of Kildare” which was so beautiful that it was said to be the work of angels and not human hands. Unfortunately, the book has been lost over the ages. 

One of Brigid’s symbols is a cross made of reeds known as Saint Brigid's Cross.  Legend says that she made this cross out of reeds from the floor as she sat with her Druid father on his death bed.  She used the cross to explain the faith and was able to convert her father before he died.  Ireland is blessed to have such a creative patron who spread the faith through beauty.