• 13 Feb 20

Feb 13 - “Bl. James A. Miller, FCS.” © icon by Br. Robert Lentz, OFM.  Happy Memorial Day Bl. James!

James Miller was born in Stevens Point, Wisconsin.  From the time he began his training as a Christian Brother, he had decided to spend his life working among the poor in Latin America.  He learned to speak Spanish fluently.  His boundless energy and good will led him to take on extra projects besides his teaching: things like organizing a volunteer fire department, speaking to politicians to get more funds for the school, fixing leaking pipes, and even sweeping floors.  In this icon he holds a pipe wrench and a stack of text books, to indicate the scope of his work.

After 8 years as a teacher and school administrator in Nicaragua, he left the country in 1979 and was not able to return because of the revolution.  He volunteered instead to teach at the Christian Brother’s school in Huehuetenango, Guatemala, where he supervised the agricultural training of the boarding students.  He was repairing a wall outside the school on February 13, 1982, when he was killed by masked gunmen.  Bright red Mayan fabric hangs behind him in the icon because of the blood he shed for Christ.  The bright colors of the icon borders are taken from colors used on houses in Guatemala.

This icon was commissioned by the Catholic people of Stevens Point, who remember and celebrate their martyred native son.