• 23 Feb 21

Feb 23 - “Celtic Cross” © artwork by Brenda Nippert.

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Ireland was fondly nicknamed “The Isle of Saints and Scholars.”  While Europe was in the Dark Ages, Ireland was bathed in light and that is how they earned their nickname.  There are over 130 Saints that have come from or lived in Ireland over the centuries.  Many of whom have left volumes of important literature on living the Catholic faith.  The faith of the Irish people is very strong, as they held onto and grew their faith in even the most trying times, as the large number of saints from such a small island attests too.  There can still be found many of the churches, monasteries, seminaries, schools, and many other places of worship where our beautiful Catholic faith can be found, some over a thousand years old!  It is a common saying that on Saint Patrick's day we are all Irish, it is perhaps that we wish to be part of a strong and Catholic faith filled community!