• 15 Jan 20

Jan 15 - “St. Ita” © artwork by Brenda Nippert.  Happy Feast Day St. Ita!

Born of noble parents, Saint Ita was given the name Diedre.  Her mother was a princess and her father a chieftain.  Even as a child, Ita was so good and holy that no one was surprised when she wished to devote her life to God.  Surprised or not, her father refused to let her consecrate herself and wished to arrange a marriage which she in return refused.  Ita set off with a few companions and her sister to live the life they choose, for God and God alone.  They journeyed to Killeedy where Ita founded a convent spending the rest of her life there.  Her convent became a training school for young boys.  Many of which became great men in the church, earning Ita the nickname “foster mother of the saints.”  One of the boys she mentored was Saint Brendan, the great navigator.  He often came to visit Ita between his voyages and sought her council throughout his life.  Today, Ita's grave is still visited and often covered with flowers even 1,500 years later.  Near her grave is also a holy well, known to cure many ills over the centuries.