• 26 Jan 22

Jan 26 - “St. Timothy” © artwork by Julie Lonneman. Happy Feast Day St. Timothy!

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Timothy is one of the first generations of Christians in the New Testament. His father was Greek and his mother, Eunice, was a Jewish-Christian. His grandmother, Lois, was the first in his family to become Christian. Timothy became an associate of St. Paul, helping him in his work in the churches at Corinth and Esphesus.

Most likely, Timothy became the leader of the church at Ephesus at a young age. While we have little information about Timothy's work as leader of this community, we know from St. Paul that leadership in the early church was a difficult task, particularly for a person so young. The leader of the community was required to exhort people to live according to the spirit of Jesus Christ. Sometimes this meant recognizing the ways that the Gospel was at work in a specific group and other times it meant telling a community when it was failing to live as Jesus Christ. Just as Paul was frequently despised for his leadership, one can assume that Timothy also suffered because of the Gospel. In fact, legend tells us that Timothy was stoned and beaten to death for preaching against a pagan festival in Ephesus around the year 94.

His feast day is Jan 26.