• 31 Jan 20

Jan 31 - “Sts. Francis de Sales and John Bosco” © artwork by Br. Mickey McGrath, OSFS. Happy Feast Day St. John!

The Salesians are a family of men and women founded by a Catholic priest, Fr. John Bosco.  He began his work in Turin, Italy, in the mid-1800s by gathering poor boys and young men that had no place to live and little education.  He established a place called an oratory where these young people could gather and call their home.

From among the young men at the oratory, he founded a religious congregation, the Salesian Society, which consisted of priests and brothers.  It was named after St. Francis de Sales who was known for his kindness and simple spirituality. 

Don Bosco died in 1888 and was canonized a saint in 1934.  Since then his Salesian Society has been known as the Salesians of Don Bosco.