• 15 Jul 19

Jul 15 - “Jesus Christ: Pantocrator” © icon by Br. Robert Lentz, OFM.

The Greek word Pantocrator means "Ruler of All." This icon depicts the divine majesty of the Creator under the human features of the Incarnate Son. Christ’s Gospel is opened to the twenty-fifth chapter of St. Matthew, the account of the Last Judgment. Here Christ identifies himself with the poor and oppressed. The splendor of God’s majesty and the mud and dust of the world’s slums are thus brought together, and the church is reminded that her only legitimate tie on earth is to the poor and marginalized.

The inscription in the upper corners of the icon are the Greek abbreviations for Jesus Christ. The Greek letters in the cross in Christ’s halo are the divine name revealed to Moses in the burning bush, "I am who am." The inscription at the bottom is Slavonic for "Pantocrator." The gold background represents the uncreated light that surrounds God in Glory.