• 11 Mar 19

Mar 11 - “The Meeting of Sts. Francis and Clare” © icon by Br. Robert Lentz, OFM.

St. John wrote that God is love. "God is friendship", echoed St. Aelred.  Like holiness, friendship is best understood when it is incarnated.  One of the richest friendships in history is that of Francis and Clare of Assisi.  This icon depicts the visit of the two saints at the Portiuncula for a meal.  This was the only meal they were to share. They seldom saw one another, yet their bond of friendship made them spiritual twins.

Through Francis’ example, Clare had renounced her wealth years before and embraced strict poverty.  Through the years when Francis had doubts about his own path, he turned to Clare.  After Francis’ death, when Rome declared that women were too weak to embrace such poverty, Clare patiently insisted for the privilege to be poor -- which was granted her two days before she died.  She had struggled 34 of her 41 years as a nun to preserve the purity of the ideals she shared with Francis.