• 15 May 19

May 15 - “Our Lady of the Harvest” © icon by Lewis Williams, OFS. Happy Feast Day Our Lady!

Maronites, Eastern Catholics and Orthodox churches celebrate the feast of Our Lady of the Harvest.  Historically, the Irish celebrated the Festival of Our Lady of the Harvest on August 15th, which became the Feast of the Assumption.  The pre-Christian celebrations also honored deities to offer thankfulness for bounty and fruitfulness.

Today, farming ranges from family use to feed the needs of your own to giant corporate entities genetically manipulating crops to increase yield. It is not easy work.  Often migrants are required to harvest to help ensure a profit on the crops.  All are challenged by threats of adverse weather, insect infestation and disease that can ruin crops and leave the populous in fear of sustenance.

In this image, Our Lady is pictured as if on an adobe mud wall in a small farming village, offering protection and support of the areas farmers and farm workers.  She protects one corn stalk, as she protects us - as she protected her son; offering us the promise of a fruitful harvest.