• 11 Nov 19

Nov 11 - “St. Martin of Tours” © artwork by Julie Lonneman. Happy Feast Day St. Martin!

Legend recounts that on a bitterly cold day, a young Roman soldier, Martin, met a poorly clad beggar. Martin drew his sword, cut his cloak in two, and gave half to the beggar. That night, Martin dreamed of Christ, dressed in the portion of his cloak he had given away, saying, "Martin, still a catechumen, has covered me with his garment.”

Forced into the army at the age of 15, Martin had become a Christian catechumen. He was baptized at 18. By age 23 he was convinced fighting was sinful and refused a war bonus. He begged his commander to release him so that he could serve Christ. After great difficulties, he was discharged and became a disciple of Hilary of Poitiers.

Serve Christ he did—first as a monk, then as founder of a monastery, and eventually as the bishop of Tours.