• 29 Nov 21

Nov 29 - “Dorothy Day, Elder” © artwork by Julie Lonneman. Happy Memorial Day Dorothy!

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Though primarily known for her works of mercy feeding and housing the homeless of New York City, Dorothy Day did not neglect the works of justice. In her writing and through her activism, she sought to change the conditions in our society that create poverty in the first place. She was arrested and jailed for two weeks for demonstrating in support of striking farm workers. This was only one of many protests she participated in during her long life. Dorothy was consistently and outspokenly anti-war, even during World War II when that stance was very unpopular. She clashed with the American bishops over their support of the war in Vietnam.

Dorothy was truly a radical, in the sense that our word “radical” comes from the Latin word for “root”. Her dedication to peace and justice, which she considered central to the Christian life, co-existed with her devotion to the teachings of the Church and a love of its traditions and liturgy.

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