• 29 Nov 21

Nov 29 - “Dorothy Day, Servant of God” © artwork by Brenda Nippert. Happy Memorial Day Dorothy!

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Dorothy Day was an American woman with a dream of changing the world.  She lived a life of promiscuity and drinking as a writer in New York City, considering herself a free-thinking bohemian.  She had an abortion at 22, which she regretted all her life.  Feeling disillusioned, she moved to Staten Island where she fell in love and had a daughter out of wedlock.  Then, God began to stir her heart.  She met a nun who ran a community kitchen at the local Catholic church.  Both Dorothy and her baby, Tamar, were baptized.  As her spiritual life deepened, her atheist boyfriend gave her an ultimatum and she chose God.  Her desire to change the world was rekindled. 

She returned to New York in the middle of the Great Depression to put her faith into action.  She soon met Peter Maurin, who also had a plan to make the world a better place, and he gave Dorothy the direction she needed.  Together, they started the Catholic Worker Movement.  In 1933, they produced the Catholic Worker newspaper to make people aware of social justice issues so modern Catholics would turn to their own tradition for answers instead of a Godless communist system. Relying only on Divine Providence, they opened the first Catholic Worker House to feed and shelter the city's destitute.  They worked day and night to serve God in the poor.  The work started by Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin carries on today in over 180 Catholic Worker Houses in the United States and abroad.

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