• 10 Oct 20

Oct 10 - “Mother of God, Our Refuge During the Covid 19 Pandemic” © icon by Robert Gerwing.

This icon was inspired by the last paragraph of Pope Francis' prayer for the Covid Pandemic in which he identifies the Virgin as our refuge.

The monograms to the left of Christ are the abbreviation of Isus Xristos.  These are the first and last letters in each word.  The line on top of the monograms identify it as an abbreviation.

The monograms above the Virgin are the first and last letters of Mater Theou which translates as Mother of God. These monograms are also an abbreviation.

The designs on the shoulders and head of the Virgin are an ancient symbol of her virginity and represent that she was a virgin, is a virgin and always will be a virgin.  These are possibly of Syriac origin, but are always present on her Maphorion.

The color of red is a symbol of holiness and the blue or green is a symbol of the earth, hence holiness covers earth.

In icons of an adult Christ, the colors are reversed so earth covers holiness. The fringe on her right side is a pictorial reference to priestly fringe.

The Christ Child's halo has three crossbars (in this icon one of them is hidden by the Virgin's head.  This is the stavrophos or Christ light and is reserved for the Christ alone.