• 12 Oct 20

Oct 12 - “Communion” © icon by Lewis Williams, OFS. 

“The Eucharist is something more than simply receiving Christ.  It supposes that we

satisfy his hunger.  Christ invites us, “Come to me.” Christ hungers for souls.  Nowhere in the gospel has Christ ever uttered an expression of rejection.  Rather, we find an invitation: ‘Come to me.’”

“If we truly understand the Eucharist; if we make the Eucharist the central focus of our lives; if we feed our lives with the Eucharist, we will not find it difficult to discover Christ, to love him, and to serve him in the poor.”
—Quotes on the Eucharist by Saint Teresa of Calcutta

This depiction of a Eucharistic feast is a celebration of hope, in the spirit of Mother Teresa’s words.  Bread and wine are offered to invite all the world to the table.  The candles represent the light in the darkness that cannot be extinguished.  The Apache Spirit Dancer, sculpted by Allan Houser, offers the embodiment of the power of sacred mountains, the four cardinal directions and the Creator.  The necklace is the Greek letter Tau, symbol for the name of God and the spirit of St. Francis.