• 18 Oct 21

Oct 18 - “St. John LaLande” © artwork by Brenda Nippert.

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John LaLande was born in Normandy, France.  At 18 or 19 he traveled to New France (now Canada) to offer his life as a lay person who assisted the Jesuit missionaries in any way needed.  John was assigned to Father Isaac Jogues who had been captured and escaped a Native village only to return to the same place to continue his mission.  John paddled the canoe, gathered wood, built the fire, set up camp, cooked the meals and was armed with a gun to defend them if necessary. 

Through this dangerous journey, many abandoned the group and when they were captured, the rest were killed except for Father Jogues and John.  They were held at the same village Father Jogues had escaped from.  The two prayed and looked forward to Heaven.  Father Jogues was killed first and the next day John was killed while trying to bury Father Jogues.  Though their mission ended violently, these courageous men succeeded in bringing the faith to the new world, and even after they gave their lives, the seeds they planted continued to grow.

His feast day is October 19.

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