• 05 Oct 20

Oct 5 - “St. Faustina” © artwork by Brenda Nippert. Happy Feast Day St. Faustina!

Helen Kowalska belonged to a poor family in Poland.  After years of pleading with her family, she joined the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy and took the name Marie Faustina, which means “fortunate one.”  She couldn't have imagined how fortunate she would be.  With only a few years of education, her jobs in the convent consisted of cooking, cleaning, and gardening.  Her simple life seemed insignificant, but she held a marvelous secret within her.  Jesus charged her with instituting the devotion of the Divine Mercy.  He called her His “secretary of mercy” and appeared to her and gave specific instructions to help people take advantage of this wonderful gift.  He wants us to dive into the boundless ocean of His Mercy and then pass it on by becoming merciful ourselves.  Trust in this Divine gift helps us realize that no sin is too great to be wiped away, therefore there is hope for everyone. 

Jesus asked Faustina to have a painting done of Him as He appeared to her.  A priest she confided in helped her hire an artist to create the image.  When the painting was finished, she lamented to Jesus that the painting didn't even compare to His majesty.  He comforted her, and told her the actual painting didn't matter, only the graces He infused into it.  It was only meant to be a vessel for people to fill at His fountain of mercy.  After all, Jesus can work with very little - He is the One who changed water into wine and fed five thousand people with three loaves and two fish.  Over a hundred million Catholics practice the Divine Mercy devotion, which came to us through a simple, poor, uneducated sister.  Why, then couldn't each one of us become a vessel for His endless mercy?  Just open your heart, let His mercy overflow and a fallen creation can become a masterpiece.