• 19 Sep 20

Sep 19 - “Our Lady of La Salette” © artwork by Brenda Nippert. Happy Feast Day Our Lady!

Back in 1846, two children, Melanie and Maximin, were tending sheep in the French Alps.  They saw a brilliant light and went closer to investigate, when they saw a beautiful lady sitting on a rock crying with her face in her hands.  She wore a beautiful headdress with a crown on top and a band of roses.  Her dress was creamy white and decorated with pearls.  Her slippers were edged in roses and she wore a necklace with a heavy chain.  The crucifix that hung around her neck had a hammer and nails and a pincher on it.  She stood up and spoke to the children in their own language.  She told them not to be afraid and gave them an important message.  She was very upset that the people were losing their faith and treating God with disrespect.  She cried because it was breaking her heart to think how much her children were going to suffer for their disobedience.  She came to warn them that they must change their ways if they wished to receive God's blessings.  Many people regained their faith and stopped taking God's name in vain as Mary requested.  An attitude of prayer and devotion was restored in the area.