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Death of St. Louis, King of France

Death of St. Louis, King of France - Museum Religious Art Classics

Artwork Narrative:

Artist: Ary Scheffer – c. 1817

Crusading was the "main event" of Saint Louis' life, though it would end up being the death of him.

On one occasion, Louis became severely ill. There, in his bed, he decided that he would become a crusader in the tradition of his father, who died during a crusade, his grandfather and his great-grandfather. Louis brought his family, including his wife and children, with him on some of his journeys - with several children born while on crusade. Eventually, an excursion to what is now Tunisia would be the final journey for King Louis. Illness again befell him, and he died on August 25, 1270.

His feast day is August 25.

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