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Grate View of the Sentinel

Grate View of the Sentinel by Lewis Williams, OFS

Artwork Narrative:

One of the most famous rock formations in Zion National Park is The Sentinel. At an elevation of 7,120 feet, its rusty orange color makes quite a visual statement against a deep blue sky.

The imposition of a ‘grate’ in front of this icon came as a result of technical   experimentation. With a black underpainting, I laid these strips of tape on in a grid pattern and painted the image over it. When dry, I removed the tape, exposing the black underneath and highlighted it in gold, somewhat like a windowpane or grate.

You may determine if this has any symbolic meaning for you. Perhaps, for me, it’s a statement regarding those who chose to see the world in person vs. those content to see it from a window at home.

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