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Sts. Romanus of Antioch and Barulas

Sts. Romanus of Antioch and Barulas - Museum Religious Art Classics

Artwork Narrative:

Artist: Francisco de Zurbarán – c. 1638

Martyrs of Syria. Romanus was born in Palestine and served as a deacon in Caesarea and Antioch. He was arrested and put to death after giving encouragement to Christian prisoners in resisting the demands of the Romans to sacrifice to the gods. Romanus died with a companion, named Barula, a seven-year old boy. It is considered likely by scholars that he was actually a Syrian martyr possibly called Bralaha or Barlaam, who became associated with Romanus. Romanus was burned, strangled, and then beheaded. Barulas is venerated as a child-martyr.

The book Romanus is holding, reads, in Latin, "Blessed Romanus was praying when he said, Lord Jesus Christ, show thy might, that thy holy name may be glorified, which is blessed forever. Pray for us blessed Romanus, that we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ."

Their feast day is November 11.

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