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Free Prayer Cards To Help Us All During COVID-19 Pandemic

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4 FREE Prayer Cards for All.  Let’s All Help Each Other!

No Purchase Necessary:  
If you are not able to purchase any religious artworks at this time, then let us help you!

Simply send us an email with your name and shipping address and we will gladly mail you 4 Free Prayer Cards via USPS Mail (Continental U.S. Only).

If Purchasing:
If you do purchase any of our 1,500 beautiful artworks and icons on any of our 100 products and sizes, that’s great. Your purchase supports our business/ministry (our Bizminstry), our artists, their religious orders, and our three charities.

Simply note in Comments section of your online Order Form, “Free Prayer Cards.” We will include Free Prayer Cards with your order.


The Free Prayer Cards are beautifully created new artworks by Br. Mickey McGrath, OSFS to help us all cope with the COVID-19 virus and to help us pray for each other.

Mary, Health of the Sick
A recent quote from Pope Francis inspired this image, 
Health of the Sick, an ancient title of Mary.

Mary, you always shine on our path
as a sign of salvation and hope.
We entrust ourselves to you,
Health of the Sick.
–Pope Francis' Prayer to Mary during Coronavirus Pandemic


Our Lady of Refuge
with Health Care Workers

A Madonna to honor our courageous health care workers.

Prayer for Health Care Workers

Lord Jesus, who healed the sick and gave them new life, be with doctors, nurses and all health care workers, as they act as agents of your healing touch. In desperate times, keep them strong yet loving. And when their work is done, be with them in their weariness and in their tears. Amen.


Our wish is to get these Free Prayer Cards out to and for all the amazing health care workers and all the rest of us who are sick or fearful and concerned during this Coronavirus Pandemic.

Please share our Free Prayer Cards offer with as many people as possible. We are all in this together. Let’s continue to reach out and help each other.  Keep the Faith!