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Alphabetical List of Artworks

J.R.R. Tolkien
Jalal Ud-din Rumi
James A. Miller
James Lloyd Breck
James the Greater
Jane de Chantal
Jane Frances de Chantal
Japanese Christ
Jean Vanier
Jeanne Jugan
Jeanne Jugan
Jeanne Jugan and Infant Jesus
Jeremiah and Amos
Jerome Emiliani
Jesus and Mary - Two Hearts
Jesus and Mary Magdalene
Jesus and the Holy Innocents
Jesus Christ - Eternal High Priest
Jesus Christ: Liberator
Jesus Christ: Pantocrator
Jesus I Love You - Lesos Konoronhkwa
Jesus Meets His Mother, 4th Station
Jesus of Nazareth
Jesus Washing Peter's Feet
Jesus Writing In The Sand
Jesus' Foes
Jesus, King of the Jews
Jesus, the Christ
Jesus: Fish Fry With Friends
Jesus: Light of the World
Joachim and Anne
Joan of Arc
Joan of Arc
Joan of Arc
Joan of Arc
Joan of Arc