Crucifix, Coricancha Peru: "I Thirst"

Lewis Williams, OFS

Artist's Narrative:
Saint Teresa of Calcutta’s mission was based on Christ’s words from the cross: “I THIRST.” They are located in every chapel of The Missionaries of Charity around the world; to satiate Christ’s thirst in our neighbor but also His thirst for souls. Hear him from the cross saying he thirsts for you.

Jesus stands at your door and knocks, even when you aren’t listening but at the smallest response; he enters. He comes for you with every bit of the love He received from his Father, longing to bind your wounds, lift you up and light your darkness; transform you and still your soul. He knows all your problems, wanderings and sins, but loves you still for the beauty and dignity His Father gave you by creating you in His image. Even when you tarnish that image, remember and be assured: He gave His blood to win you back.

He knows your need for love, how you are thirsting to be cherished. “Come to Me all you who thirst…” he tells you and will fill you. He thirsts for YOU; to love you and to be loved by you. In healing he will make you a new creation, offer His constant mercy and give you His peace. There is no one any more important in the whole world than YOU.

Remember you are a pilgrim in this world, on a journey home. Sin can never satisfy you. All you seek outside Christ has left you empty. When you give Him your sins, you give Him the joy of being YOUR Savior. Nothing changes the fact that He thirsts for you, just as you are. You don’t need to change: Your belief in His love will change YOU. Look at His cross… His heart was pierced for you and from the cross spoke the words, ”I THIRST.” All your life He has been looking for your love… you for your own sake. Open and let Him in.

—Excerpts from a Saint Teresa of Calcutta prayer - Missionaries of Charity Fathers


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