Jesus of Nazareth

Lewis Williams, OFS

Artist's Narrative:
(Detail from the icon Chalices of Mystery, Jesus and Mary Magdalene)

“This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.”
(John 15:12)

When John the Baptist immersed Jesus in the Jordan, the sky was rent in two and the Spirit, like a dove, descended upon him. Jesus hears he is beloved, and upon him favor rests. This Spirit is Jesus eternal gift to us, found on the crest of the wave of each instant, moving into each new moment. The kingdom is now and it is in you.

Mary of Magdala, Jesus found, was in the grip of seven demons. We are not told their nature, but that power interfered with her ability to experience the wonder of her existence. Demons are powers that possess us. They lock us in regret of the past and desire for the future but block the eternal “I AM”. In the Spirit, she was forgiven, as we all are, and came alive in that moment in the presence of this teacher. Love gave her this gift and it is commanded we offer this to others. Forgiveness opens us to this kind of love.


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