San Juan Nepomuceno (St. John Nepomucene)

Br. Arturo Olivas, OFS

Artist's Narrative:
San Juan was a 14th century priest and confessor to the queen of Bohemia. When Juan refused to divulge her confession to the queen’s jealous husband, King Wenceslaus, the king had Juan thrown off a bridge and drowned in the Moldau River. A miraculous light appeared over the place where Juan was drowned. In sacred art the saint is shown wearing a cassock, surplice, biretta and sometimes an ermine-trimmed cloak. He holds a cross and the palm of martyrdom.

In New Mexico San Juan is the patron of secrecy, silence, and the Brothers of Penitence. He protects against gossip and slander and blesses the irrigation ditches so vital to local agriculture.

His feast day is May 16.


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