San Ramon Nonato (St. Raymond Nonnatus)

Br. Arturo Olivas, OFS

Artist's Narrative:
San Ramon was a 13th century Spanish priest who joined the Mercedarian order charged with the ransom of Christian captives from the Muslims of Spain and northern Africa. He was very successful in this work and at one point traded himself into captivity in order to free some Christians. As a slave he refused to stop preaching and so his captors had his lips padlocked. Eventually Ramon was ransomed and became a cardinal. In sacred art Ramon is often shown wearing the crimson and white vestments of his order, carrying a monstrance and the palm of martyrdom with three crowns.

In New Mexico Ramon is the patron of pregnant women, women giving birth, and the unborn. He is also patron of secrecy, anonymity, and protector against slander and captivity. A small village in northern New Mexico is named after him.

His feast day is August 31.


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