Seraphim Rose of Platina (1934-1982)

Br. Robert Lentz, OFM

Artist's Narrative:
“True Christianity does not mean just having the right opinions about Christianity—this is not enough to save one’s soul.”
–Saint Seraphim Rose

“Sometimes one’s zeal for ‘Orthodoxy’ can be so excessive that it produces a situation similar to that which caused an old Russian woman to remark about an enthusiastic American convert: ‘Well, he’s certainly Orthodox, all right—but is he a Christian?’ To be ‘Orthodox’ but not ‘Christian’ is a state that has a particular name in Christian language: it means to be a pharisee, to be so bogged down in the letter of the Church’s laws that one loses the spirit that gives them life, the spirit of true Christianity.”
–Saint Seraphim Rose

“Do we perhaps boast that we keep the fasts and the Church calendar, have ‘good icons’ and ‘congregational singing,’ that we give to the poor and perhaps tithe to the Church? Do we delight in exalted Patristic teachings and theological discussions without having in our hearts the simplicity of Christ and true compassion for the suffering?—then ours is a ‘spirituality with comfort,’ and we will not have the spiritual fruits that will be exhibited by those without all these ‘comforts’ who deeply suffer and struggle for Christ.”
–Saint Seraphim Rose

“It’s later than you think! Hasten, therefore, to do the work of God.”
–Saint Seraphim Rose


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