St. Cayetano

Br. Arturo Olivas, OFS

Artist's Narrative:
Cayetano's saintliness comes from his immense compassion, and giving. Stories of his miracles multiplied during his lifetime, and on his way to saint-hood Cayetano began to mean different things to different people, as the faithful found need for his help and guidance.

Historically, Cayetano was way ahead of his time. Especially when it came to church reform. Many of his ideas and principles were put into effect long after his death. Cayetano became known as one of the greatest Catholic reformers in history.

Saint Cayetano is associated with wealth for the people of Mexico, they pray to him for money, and for luck in gambling. In Argentina he's always had a huge following. There, millions of people favor him as the Patron Saint of Work.

His feast day is July 8.


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