How To Order

PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO READ THIS ENTIRE PAGE. The information here will SAVE you TIME and MONEY and enhance your visit.
Helpful Customer Provided Hint: Open 2 browser windows (open Trinity Stores twice). Use 1 screen to navigate our website and 1 screen to refer back to instructions on this How to Order page.

To view sample pictures, descriptions, and starting prices for all products, select OUR PRODUCTS. One does not order from this page. Take a look at all your product choices and then return here.

Find Your Artwork:
On the left side of this page are several ways to find and view our 900 artworks & icons. Each of these search methods take you to the same art images.
1. Search For Art – Enter the name/title of the artwork you seek (Example: Francis). Click the SEARCH Box, or
2. Shop By Artist – Select the desired artist name to view all artworks by that artist, or
3. Shop By Collection – Select the desired grouping of artworks (EXAMPLE: Christ Images), or
4. Shop By Association – Select artworks by alphabetical order or by Patron Saint or by Feast & Memorial Days.

All of the 4 search methods, above, take you to an IMAGE GRID. An IMAGE GRID displays the relevant artworks in rows and columns.

Select any artwork on the IMAGE GRID to view a larger image of that individual artwork.
Below each artwork is an opportunity to Share the image with your friends and send a free e-Card.

Find Your Art Products:
Now that you know how to view your individual artwork...
Directly to the right of the individual artwork is a big red banner that reads:
Select the red banner next to the artwork.

You now see a PRODUCT GRID. A PRODUCT GRID displays your artwork on each of the available products and lists the starting prices.

Select Your Products:
Select any product on the PRODUCT GRID to view a larger image of that individual product.
Below each product is an opportunity to Share & Rate & Comment on the image. A great way to Win Free Art.

Select the SELECT SIZE MENU to view all of the sizes and prices available (if there is no Select Size Menu, product has only one size).

Add products to your online shopping cart. All available discounts are automatically calculated for you and displayed in your shopping cart.

And don't forget to check out all of our SHOP ADDITIONAL ITEMS, directly on the left. Great savings. Deep Discounts. And a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own Original Artworks & Icons!


Now let's see how you can save even more money and time.

1. Are you a millionaire? Do you already have too many religious artworks? If not, select WIN FREE ART and join our Winners Circle. There is no cost and you can submit unlimited entries. Hey, Free is Free!

2. Does the Saint image you love have a Feast Day this month? Visit Feast & Memorial Days to see. If yes, save an additional 10% on all art products.

3. Where are you shipping your order? We are in Colorado (God's Country). Are you 3 days or less away from us? If yes, then do not choose UPS 3-Day and end up paying more for shipping versus UPS Ground. Visit Shipping Policy to view a UPS map for shipping times and see our International Shipping Policy.

4. Are you purchasing products for a church or school or any other religious organization? Then what are you waiting for? Register at Church Buyers or call us to automatically receive 20% off all orders.

5. Does your church have a Gift Shop? Do you know a nice Gift Store? Are YOU a nice Religious Store? Then what are you waiting for? Register at Wholesale Buyers or call us to automatically receive 45% off all orders.

6. Does your church have a website? Do you have a nice website? Are YOU a nice website? Then what are you waiting for? Register as an Affiliate or call us to automatically start earning 10% commissions. There is no work involved. Well, except for depositing your checks.

7. The more you buy, the more you save. It's true. Shipping charges for a single item can seem unfair. We provide less expensive USPS Priority Mail shipping options for the smaller items and for less than 7 Note Cards. Other single items ship via UPS and UPS charges for a minimum weight of one pound. If you are able to buy more products, the shipping charges are dispersed over all of the products resulting in a much lower shipping charge per item. This is what we always do when we order products. I prefer to pay $15.00 for 6 items than $10.00 for one item.

OK. That's it. You have read enough and you have learned enough and you have saved enough. Great job! Be Happy! The Lord Loves A Cheerful Giver!