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Welcome members of the Holy Communion of Churches and the World Bishops Council.

We are pleased to offer you Saint Martin Luther King artwork on 80+ products and gift items at a special 20% discount!

Order online and add the Promotion Code ST. MLK in the "Enter Discounts Code" Box of your online Shopping Cart. The "Enter Discounts Code" Box is displayed on the Checkout Page found after selecting the CHECKOUT button.

You can also order by phone or email. You must mention the ST. MLK Promotion Code.

The ST. MLK Promotion Code provides an extra 10% off for a Total Savings of 20%.

Packaged Note Cards and Holy Cards are not included and receive the standard 5% discount. You can purchase individual Note Cards (as many individual cards as desired) at the 20% discount.

WHEN: September 8, 2016 until TBD (To Be Determined).

Select MARTIN LUTHER KING to view the MLK icon. (Please first read more below).

Directly to the right of the MLK icon is a big red banner that reads:
Select the red banner next to the MLK artwork.

You will then see a PRODUCT GRID which displays the MLK icon on each of the available products and lists the starting prices.

Select PRODUCT GRID to view the MLK Products.

Select Your Products:
Select any product on the PRODUCT GRID to view a larger image of that individual product.

Select the SELECT SIZE MENU to view all of the sizes and prices available (if there is no Select Size Menu, product has only one size).

Add products to your online shopping cart.
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